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How much does lawn mowing cost?

Our Pricing

At Fusion Landscaping, we believe in providing simple and transparent pricing for our lawn mowing services.
Our pricing is based on standardized price categories for residential properties while acreage is estimated on a per acre basis, with considerations for variables that may affect the cost.

Once we send you an estimate and you accept, we'll come by and complete the first service, after which we will send you a regular service quotation. This ensures that you get the best and most accurate price for our services.

The shape of your lawn plays a role, as a rectangular lawn is quicker to mow compared to one with irregular shapes and obstacles. Access is another factor, where limited access through small gates or long driveways can increase service time. Additionally, clippings disposal is taken into account, with options to leave clippings on the property or dispose of them in green waste or rubbish bins.

For properties that haven't been mowed in a while, an initial cut may require extra time and effort to establish defined edges and achieve the desired grass length. Subsequent services will then align with the standard fees.

We understand that even a small lawn may seem quick to mow, but factors such as truck and trailer maintenance, insurance, fuel, and other expenses necessitate a minimum service charge.

Our pricing and methods are designed to ensure high-quality and efficient lawn care while providing fair value for our services. If you have any further questions or specific requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.


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